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MPS can accommodate a variety of job/personnel specific requests whether your needs require a full-service provider or individual services. Our highly qualified and experienced team of surveyors, trackers, inspectors, skilled laborers, operators, etc. are prepared to take on any job assigned to them and have been trained extensively on the importance of safety, professional courtesy and customer satisfaction.

  • AGM Survey/Site Documentation & DOC
  • Pig Tracking
  • Dig Staking
  • Pig Loading/Launching/Receiving
  • Post Pig Run Cleaning
  • Make-ready Construction Work
  • Wireline Services
  • Inspection

AGM Survey/Site Documentation & DOC Surveys

We have the ability to perform AGM surveys and we provide detailed spreadsheets, maps and professional site documentation reports that include photos and/or sketches of each AGM location. MPS can provide (DOC) surveys in which GPS data and depth of cover data is collected at very close intervals to give the client extremely accurate and complex feedback of the condition of their pipelines ROW.

Pig Tracking

Moore Pipeline Services, LLC. has the knowledge, necessary equipment, and qualified technicians to provide top of the line pig tracking on any and all types of pigs. We provide 24-hour tracking services in all types of conditions and we have safely and effectively performed tracking with the use of 4×4 automobiles, ATV/UTV, airboats, crew boats and snow machines. If a pig stops due to meeting with an obstruction we have the experience and equipment to locate the pig in a quick, effective manner.

Dig Staking

We have qualified surveyors available to precisely locate and stake dig sites by both chaining in and navigating to a digs ILI-XYZ location. We provide customized dig sheets and chaining reports with the dig site data and photographs.

Pig Loading, Launching & Receiving

We provide heavy equipment and have experienced, qualified operators and skilled laborers to perform all duties of the launching/receiving process.

Post Run Cleaning Services

We can provide mobile wash bays, heated pressure washers, water, solvents, etc. for debris and paraffin removal as well as having the ability to detect NORMS.

Make-Ready Construction Work

We provide experienced, qualified field technicians to make the necessary modifications to piping such as bolting up or unbolting spool pieces and rig up/tear down of hard piping to frac tanks, filter/separators, etc. in preparation or completion of pigging projects.


Moore Pipeline Services, LLC. is one of the most trusted sources in the industry for tether pull applications. Our trucks have the pulling capacity and cable strength to pull nearly any pig through sections of pipe that have a minimal number of bends. We have successfully pulled ILI tools through both above-ground, and below-ground spans of pipe of up to 10,000 feet in length. Our trucks have been used for newly constructed pipe, river crossings, bores and short HCA sections in which tethering was the safest and most cost-effective method for the customer.

Inspection Services

We have a number of experienced and qualified inspectors to provide oversight on a wide variety of inspection projects for construction, pigging and ILI remediation/rehab.

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